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John Patterson

Renewable Energy Speaker with Expertise in Solar

John Patterson has earned the name "Mr. Sun" as a solar pioneer whose company installed over 3,000 solar systems, and who helped get legislation passed to make alternative energy more affordable. John is a dynamic speaker who specializes in practical applications of solar and alternative energy for residential and commercial property. He is author of the book FOOTPRINT: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Extinction, endorsed by leading climatologist Dr. James Hansen. Using a Power Point presentation that parallels the book, John has spoken to thousands of college students around the world and at international conferences. As inventor of the Sol-Reliant solar hot water system, John is regarded as one of the foremost experts in the world on solar water heating.

John's presentations can cover any solar and renewable energy topic, from solar hot water heating, solar pool heating, passive solar design, prewiring and preplumbing new construction for alternative energy, photovoltaic cells, and solar attic fans.


John's speaking
experience includes:
  • Calculating your carbon footprint
  • Global Climate Change
  • Community Solar
  • Super Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Can the way we cook oatmeal change the world?
  • Grid-tied PV systems
  • Off-grid PV systems
  • Single and two tank solar hot water heating systems
  • Stealth energy conservation
  • Zero Net Energy
  • Sizing solar photovoltaic systems for homes and businesses, etc.

Renewable Energy Speaker JOHN PATTERSON

Owner and President of Sol-Reliant - "The solar water heater built to last"

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